Roger Federer Profile

Roger Federer confirmed his status as the greatest player of the Open Era when he won his maiden French Open title at French Open in 2009, completing his career Grand Slam and equaling Pete Sampras’ record for grand slam wins.

Fed went on to break Pistol Pete’s record at the 2009 Wimbledon Tournament, but is yet to beat arch-rival, Rafael Nadal in the final of the French Open.

Roger Federer Bio

Roger Federer was born on the 8th of August 1981 in Basel, Switzerland. Federer was a talented athlete from an early age, and made the watershed decision to play tennis rather than ice hockey or other winter sports at an early age.

This decision soon paid off as Federer began to achieve results on the junior tour, most notably winning both the singles and doubles titles at Wimbledon. Federer would also reach the final of the junior US Open before breaking through to the senior tour.

Roger Federer Playing Style

Roger Federer’s game is characterized by all-round technical perfection. The Swiss master has mastered every aspect of the game of tennis, and can play from all areas of the court. His biggest asset is his whip-like forehand shot which gives him considerable power off the baseline.

Besides having mastered a complete arsenal of orthodox tennis shots, Federer has a few ‘tricks’ in his game, including a toss-up for his serve that allows him to disguise what type of shot will follow and a between-the-legs return that tends to catch opponents completely off-guard.

Roger Federer Achievements

Roger Federer’s list of achievements are amongst the greatest in the history of the game of tennis. These include a career Grand Slam of wins in the French Open, Wimbledon, Australian Open and US Open as well as the record for most men’s singles grand slam titles.

Besides these achievements, Roger Federer also holds a gold medal in doubles for the Olympics and has won the ATP Tour Finals on several occasions. These feats have earned Roger Federer well over a $50 million in prize money.

Roger Federer French Open Form

Federer seems to have lost his hunger for titles, and is more often to be found in the semifinals of ATP Tournaments than challenging for the title in the finals. Fed looks to have reached his expiry date, but there’s no question he still has the class and game to make a Grand Slam final – if he can rouse the interest in building his grand slam win tally. Federer has reached just two ATP Tour finals in 2011 and has won just one title. He couldn’t beat Nadal on clay when he was at the peak of his game, and we can’t see him doing it as his career declines.