Equipped to Conquer

Have you ever wondered what brand of equipment the world’s tennis stars have in their hands when they fire 150 mph aces, lash home blinding forehands or simple smash their racquets on the court in frustration?

Here’s our guide to the tennis equipment used by the stars of the ATP:

Rafael Nadal

Racquet: The world number one has risen to the top of men’s tennis wielding an AeroPro Drive racquet strung with Duralast 15L strings. Rafael Nadal wraps two overlap grips over his racquet handle and spurns racquets made by using cortex.

Clothing: Rafa wears Nike branded clothing, and the company custom designs his outfit for grand slam events. Nadal’s feet are safely ensconced in a pair of Nike’s Air Max Breathe Cage II tennis shoes.

Roger Federer

Racquet: Federer endorses Wilson racquets and goes into battle with a customised Wilson (K)Factor KSix-One Tour 90. The Swiss maestro favours a small head, thin beam and heavy weight to execute his whip-like forehands.

Clothing: Roger Federer has an endorsement deal with Nike for apparel, which also provides him with a pair of Nike Air Vapor VI sneakers. Nike, in addition, designs the US Masters-style green jacket that Federer wears prior to his Wimbledon matches.

Andy Murray

Racquet: Andy Murray has earned himself recognition as the greatest British tennis player of the modern era with the help of a Head customised MicroGel Prestige Pro racquet which has been modified with a MicroGEL Radical Pro paint job.

Clothing: Murray tends to wear Adidas branded clothing during tennis matches, including a pair of Adidas Barricade V tennis shoes. Murray also wears tennis apparel designed by Fred Perry at times.

Novak Djokovic

Racquet: Novak Djokovic fires his lethal serves off a Head Youtek Speed Pro racquet. The Serb strings his weapon with Tecnifibre X One Biphase Strings.

Clothing: Djokovic has an endorsement deal with Adidas, which provides him with his signature ‘Falcon’ range tennis kit. Djokovic wears ClimaCool Genius tennis shoes from Adidas.

Andy Roddick

Racquet: Andy Roddick uses a heavily customised Babolat Pure Drive tennis racquet. Roddick uses lead tape to increase the head weight of his racquet and uses a longer version of the model previously available to the public.

Clothing: Roddick endorses French fashion giant Lacoste, and wears Lacoste apparel both on and off the court. Roddick wears Babolat Propulse 2 Men’s shoes when in action on the tennis court.

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